PROTEUS420 specializes in providing medical marijuana software and customized business solutions for medical marijuana doctor offices, storefront dispensaries & delivery services.

PROTEUS 420 is the only real-time, fully featured business solution that has been created specifically for the Medical Marijuana Industry.  Both powerful and secure, we can assist all levels of business from Dispensary to Delivery through our medical marijuana and dispensary software, and provide all the tools you will need to save your business Time and Money!

PROTEUS 420 is the true Cannibus Dispensary Solutions for your business.  Our clients experience:

  • HIPPA Compliant & Data Security
  • Real Time Visibility of your Organization
  • Employee Controlled Access
  • Easy Integration into your Business
  • Dramatic Cost Savings

By integrating the key operations and actions through medical marijuana software solution, YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL of your organization at your fingertips.  PROTEUS 420 will transform and streamline the way you do business in the following areas:

  • Patient and Doctor Management
  • Full Financial Management
  • Vendor and Inventory Control Processes
  • Human Resources and Employee Time Management
  • E-Commerce Capability
  • Vendor to Vendor Communication

Proteus: a Greek prophetic god who served Poseidon, he was capable of changing his shape at will and like all great Legends, the myth of usability, scalability, and flexibility is no more... PROTEUS 420 brings the reality of REAL TIME business management to life and with a long history of satisfied clients.  Ask yourself, what has your software done for you lately?